Major updates denote a change in multiplayer compatibility (i.e. major updates are not compatible with each other)

Quit and restart Steam to trigger update, or follow these instructions.

To install a beta version follow these instructions.

.384 Minor Update released 27 January 2014

.383 Minor Update released 18 January 2014

.382 Minor Update released 15 January 2014

.381 Minor Update released 13 January 2014


.38 Major Update released 09 January 2014

.373 Minor Update released 14 December 2014

.372 Minor Update released 9 December 2014

.371 Minor Update released 25 November 2014

.37 Major Update released 20 November 2014

.36 Major Update released 5 November 2014

.356 Minor Update released 24 October 2014

.355 Minor Update released 20 October 2014

.354 Minor Update released 20 October 2014

.353 Minor Update released 6 October 2014

.352 Minor Update released 4 October 2014

.351 Minor Update released 3 October 2014

.35 Major Update released 3 October 2014

.34 Major update released 26 September 2014

.331 Minor update released 21 September 2014

.33 Major update released 21 September 2014 ("Challenge" Update)

.323 Minor update released 9 September 2014

.322 Minor update released 5 September 2014

.321 Minor Update released 3 September 2014

.32 Major Update released 2 September 2014

.314 Minor Update released 16 August 2014

.313 Minor Update released 14 August 2014

.312 Minor Update released 13 August 2014

.311 Minor Update released 13 August 2014

.31 Major Update released 13 August 2014 ("Power Up" Update)

.302 Minor Update released 3 August 2014

.301 Minor Update released 25 July 2014

.30 Major Update released 25 July 2014 ("Moar Lasers" Update)

.29 Major Update released 2 July 2014

.281 Minor Update released 26 June 2014

0.28 Major Update released 24 June 2014

0.272 Minor Update released 5 June 2014

0.271 Minor Update released 5 June 2014

0.27 Major Update released 3 June 2014

0.265 Minor Update released 8 May 2014

0.264 Minor Update released 7 May 2014

0.263 Minor Update released 3 May 2014

0.262 Minor Update released 3 May 2014

0.261 Minor Update released 30 Apr 2014

0.26 Major Update released 28 Apr 2014

0.251 Minor Update released 21 Apr 2014

0.25 Major Update released 19 Apr 2014

0.243 Minor Update released 16 Apr 2014

0.243 Minor Update released 14 Apr 2014

0.242 Minor Update released 09 Apr 2014

0.241 Minor Update released 09 Apr 2014

0.24 Major Update released 08 Apr 2014

0.237 Major Update Released 30 Mar 2014

0.236 Major Update Released 28 Mar 2014

0.235 Minor Update Released 26 Mar 2014

0.234 Minor Update Released 24 Mar 2014

0.233 First Steam version! Released 24 Mar 2014

0.222 Minor Update Released 04 Feb 2014 (Compatible with .22 and .221)

0.221 Minor Update Released 03 Feb 2014 (Compatible with .22)

0.22 MAJOR UPDATE Released 01 Feb 2014

- FFA Versions of all game modes
- Garage to let you change your FFA bot color and moustache
- Improved Scoreboard layout + shows score/kills/deaths
- Volumetric dance club lighting (and ability to turn it off for performance)
- Ability to turn off arena lighting visualizer flashes
- Short invincibility after leaving spawn
- Revamped Ring and Arena maps
- Added force to ball when going through Hoops to prevent getting stuck
- Jump Meter
- Improved bot pathfinding around tight corners (like trying to climb a ramp)
- Fixed audio volume changing on some songs when loading arenas
- Audio panel shows currently playing song and allows you to skip tracks
- Dodgeballs bigger
- Shot charge value stays on screen longer to assist those that don't realize you can charge shots
- New song


0.21 MAJOR UPDATE Released 13 Jan 2014

- New mode: Demolition Derby. Hit checkpoints to score team points. Checkpoint leader earns bonuses.
- Tweaks to Hoops mode: Adding super ball, can only score with super ball, lowering score limit.
- Tweaks to Demolition Derby mode: winning team is determined by which individual player hits certain checkpoint threshold. Incentivizes trailing players to play more offensively and keeps tension high until end of match
- Increase player limit to 12 (6v6)
- Offline mode now works
- Fixed issue with players spawning incorrectly if they didn't pick team when match resets
- Fixed bots never respawning if they were dead when host changed
- Fixed uncontrolled spinning if starting with controller plugged in
- Fixed V key triggering selfie mode while still in chat
- Fixed red team checkpoints start at wrong location
- Fixed power slide and checkpoint hit sound effects not respecting game SFX setting
- Fix dodgeballs becoming invisible if entering selfie mode while holding one
- Made Rocket Jumping a bit easier after nerfing it accidentally last version. Best method is to do a quick jump, not fully charged jump.
- Special particle effect added when 5+ kill streak achieved


0.20 MAJOR UPDATE Released 7 Jan 2014

- New mode: Demolition Derby. Hit checkpoints to score team points. Checkpoint leader earns bonuses.
- Added Power Slide. Hold down right-click and steer to slide around corners. This charges up boost faster.
- Power Slide can overcharge boost meter, resulting in a small bonus boost if you release right click at 125%
- Fixed players crashing into each other on respawn
- Fixed incorrect held ball color issue (players may sometimes have ball removed from possession, this is expected)
- Fixed elimination scoreboard always being zeros
- Fixed team score synchronization in Super Ball mode
- Fixed being able to join full teams when clicking 'Auto Join'
- Players should get stuck on level geometry much less often
- Fixed elimination mode instantly declaring a winner when restarting match in new level
- Updated soundtrack link
- Rebalanced volume of audio tracks
- Offline mode (although pretty broken, will need fix in future updates)
- Added cosmetic details for tournament winners


0.19 MAJOR UPDATE Released 18 Dec 2013

- Added three original music tracks by Anoctave
- (Hopefully) fixed rare freeze/hang by redoing tons of networking code
- Score limit doesn't reset when closing / reopening menu
- Added more bot customizations
- Doesn't cancel throw if very close to enemy bot
- Kill Cam no longer switches target on mouse click
- Non-alive players show up in grey on scoreboard
- Scoreboard shown whenever selecting team
- Fixed spawn protection in Core level
- Helcopter takes precedence over Air Strike, Long Distance, and Duck Hunt
- Access Audio, Video, Keyboard, and Mouse settings from main menu
- Made hoop crash score sound not as loud based on distance from hoop

0.18 MAJOR UPDATE Released 10 Dec 2013

- Fix extra bots spawning when resetting Elimination Matches
- Fix duplicate users spawning after dying in Offline mode
- Allow additional spectators in rooms on top of normal max players
- Ceilings now invisible when in Spectator mode (for better birds-eye view)
- Add rocket jump + collect ball glitch back in
- Added video quality settings for fog/glow/gibs
- More attempts to prevent dodgeballs getting into spawns
- Fix slo-mo bug if typing in spectator chat
- Fix inadvertent movement if typing in spectator chat
- Score Limit says 'First to' and appears even in elimination mode
- Update button replaced with Version Notes when no update available
- New level: Temple


- Fixed Super Ball score not updated correctly when joining match-in-progress due to possession time starting at 0
- Clicking mouse no longer prevents picking up ball by running into it
- Fixed super ball 3D target text in wrong orientation after killing opponent holding super ball
- Fixed creepy face plates showing up on back


- Fixed extra bots showing up in elimination mode
- Faster respawn after picking teams
- Fixed inability to shoot straight down
- Fixed rocket jump being impossible
- Fixed extra dodge balls in Score Battle if host leaves
- Fixed super ball score not updating on clients
- Removed keyboard menu disconnect hotkey


- Team select on room join
- Change teams mid-match with period key
- Better sync of deaths, kills, special kills when joining match in progress
- Fixed player scores being zero if joining match in progress
- Flying Squirrel is not possible in online play
- increased chat text limit to 80 characters
- put (Host) next to host name
- Fixed issue where Flying Squirrel was not being triggered in multiplayer
- Player names can not be blank
- Organized game menu better
- Ability to change game mode in-game
- Fixed 'Random' arena setting becoming non-random
- Can change score max on room create and mid-game
- Removed reset match button for non-hosts
- Fixed issues with teams becoming imbalanced on level load
- Fixed red team spawn protection barrier position in chasm
- Bots become omniscient and deadly if all humans eliminated, and go back to normal if human respawns
- Menu can be accessed from esc button
- Alt-tabbing out of game also brings up menu, making it easier to regain game window focus
- spectator mode with mouse / keyboard movement, or target lock with mouse clicks
- fixed 'denied' takes precedence over better kills

- add space after : in chat

- fixed multiplayer opponents respawning and teleporting from center of room
- fixed bots hanging in mid-air on host change
- always spawns 10 balls
- Helicopter
- can collect friendly dodgeballs by running into them (just like neutral dodgeballs)
- right mouse allows you to look at character

- stats for special kills or scores, viewed from main menu
- Improved game scoreboard layout
- fixed issue where players could score in hoops rapidly
- added small delay to prevent catch click spamming
- Add collision check before throwing ball. easy to throw ball into wall and into spawn when up right next to them
- Bots no longer fall between gaps.
- Bots navigate top of ramps better.
- will navigate to target enemy if not visible
- if target enemy has no ball, close distance
- AI 'evade' behavior for SuperBall mode
- Bots do better job of looking at throw target


- Goes into offline mode if can't connect to photon
- Hid match controls for non-master client
- Added greenlight button
- Chat text stays on screen for longer
- Fixed odd bot pathfinding in Core
- Fixed repeat round results appearing in Hoops mode
- Re-added resolution options
- Fixed game label type getting stuck

- Added round type description
- Added brief tutorial on first launch

- Added soundtrack
- Added BGM slider
- Fixed some sound effects not responding to FX slider
- Added more resolution to mouse sensitivity slider
- Update button appears on main screen if version is out of date
- Fixed teams being uneven when changing arenas
- Arena responds to music volume
- Main menu button now directs to official soundtrack

- Fixed some ball barrier positions sticking out
- Fixed balls turning neutral after one bounce against some ball barriers

- Added more announcer effects
- Slowed down arena equalizer visualizer animation on fast computers
- Improved score SFX
- No longer counts hoop goals if round is already over
- Barriers in Core weren't appearing
- Added 'kill streak' and 'rampage' announcer effects
- bot movement is a bit more random


- Hoops mode added
- Announcer added
- Added visualizers to arenas
- Fixed balls entering spawn (again)
- Fixed UI font
- Added new RPM and Boost meters
- Spotify link
- Players no longer respawn if they enter elimination match mid-round
- Player count added to room list
- Exit Button
- Added 'kill confirm' in multiplayer so that players have a chance to catch ball


- Added Core arena
- Increased max players to 8
- Added Training mode
- Can change player name, bot difficulty, and arena mid-game
- Can have server change levels automatically and randomly after matches end
- Added new special kill types
- Dodgeballs now inherit a bit of player velocity when being thrown
- Added boost indicator bar
- Fixed some dodgeballs entering spawn Update appears this is still happening in some cases. Will keep trying to fix.
- Changed brake audio fx (less screechy/distorted)
- Fixed Score Battle score discrepancies on end of round


- Added Chasm arena
- Added Score Battle mode


- Improved AI balance (reaction time, throwing speed, accuracy, throw delay after collecting ball, awareness)
- Fixed pathfinding issues
- Players not booted for AFK if chatting
- Fixed player count setting not being applied


- Bots can catch a thrown ball
- Improved pathfinding
- Better explosions


- Improved arena textures


- Added new kill types


- Added Airborne
- Added volume slider
- Removed some jitter from multiplayer movements