Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball

What is this game?

Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball is a multiplayer future-sport where you race around skate park / dance clubs in jet-powered robots and throw exploding dodgeballs at each other. It's the return of the insanely fun Arena Combat Shooter, and its focus on the core elements of skillful movement, exhiliarating projectile combat, and intense audiovisual environments makes it an incredible and unique FPS experience.

When will it be released?

You can buy it now from the home page. It will be available on Steam Early Acess on March 28th. The 'official release' version is TBD - depends a bit on how much interested it generates during Early Access. There's a good chance I'll keep adding to the game for a while even after the official release.

Who are you?

My name is Erik and I've been an independent game developer for three years. I also built New World Colony and PWN: Combat Hacking, both for iOS.

What does 'Early Access' mean? What am I buying?

This means the game is not completely done yet. By purchasing a copy, you're getting an early look at the game before all the features have been added and all the kinks have been worked out. It's still playable and a lot of fun, and you get to shape the future direction of the game. Additionally, you are also receiving the game at a significant discount from its launch price and will receive the full game when it is officially released. This also includes two free Steam when it is released there on March 28th.

What's the difference between the free Alpha version and the paid Early Access version?

The Alpha version contains three arenas and one game mode (Classic Deathmatch). The Early Access version includes at this time four arenas and two new game modes: Score Battle (where you compete to score the highest value trick shots) and Elimination (where players don't respawn unless a teammate catches an enemy ball). The Early Access version will be updated with lots of new content as I build it, the Alpha version will remain pretty much the same. Purchasing the Early Access version will also mean you get all future updates and the official released version when it is done.

What platforms does this run on?

Right now it runs on Windows Mac, and Linux. I'm aiming to support the Oculus Rift and the Steam Box as development continues.

Can I record and monetize video of this game?

Absolutely. In fact, it is encouraged! You can record gameplay videos along with background music. Please don't record just the music tracks by themselves, they're all free to listen to on the soundtrack page instead.

Can I get the soundtrack?

The soundtrack is currently available for purchase on Bandcamp.