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New World Colony is a digital strategy board game for iOS is currently available in the App Store as a universal download.

"One incredible package that is hard to put down." - iPadBoardGames.org

"Strategy fans rejoice, games like this are far & few between" - AppVader.com

"This app is a fantastic way to spend an hour...[it] is up there with other greats such as Settlers of Catan and Puerto Rico. The range of game settings creates a game that is both adaptive and evolves as you get to know it. Overall I would recommend this game as a must have for all game enthusiasts." - App Store user review

"Very elegant game design that many struggle a lifetime to achieve. Just the right balance of complexity and accessibility to keep hard core strategy fans like myself entertained and challenged for hours." - App Store user review

"I wish there were more games like this one. Its simple but extremely strategic. Frequent updates ensure this game will be around long term. This is currently my favorite strategy game on iPad...This game blows Catan out of the water." - App Store user review

Game Description:

In New World Colony, players battle for control of territory and resources on maps full of fields, forests, mountains, and rivers. In order to win you will need to build and upgrade structures, trade, construct defenses, and outwit your opponent.

Each decision must be weighed carefully. Do you expand your colony's borders so that you can reach valuable gold and minerals? Or do you build a fort so that you can capture a nearby farm from an opponent? Or construct a shipyard so you can sneak past your opponent's fortifications? On top of that, you'll need to monitor and defend clusters of connected territories in order to maintain your advantage. Finding the perfect balance is a challenge but is also key to victory.

It is a fun and fast strategy game with randomly generated maps, challenging computer AI, turn-based online multiplayer and a wide range of game settings. Be prepared to sink countless hours into this game as you perfect your tactics!

Some other great features:

  • Play locally with friends, hone your skills against three levels of computer AI, or compete online in asynchronous turn-based multiplayer matches.
  • Play in standard turn-based or a fast paced hybrid real-time mode.
  • Four game modes to suit your style
  • Randomly generated maps, or build your own with the Map Editor
  • Lots of achievements to earn
  • In-game tutorial to quickly bring new players up to speed

Make sure to check out the rules page for more detailed information about the game.

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